الأربعاء، أبريل 30، 2014

I tried to stop thinking about this time I mentioned before (November 2010-Mid 2011) but I couldn't . it was too much to forgot , and I don't think I worth such a bad treatment from you.

I was too nice with you but you was reacting in a way I don't want to describe .

you sent me SMS later after I left to poland saying that you are apologizing of what you did , but you added ".. But I have my own reasons " which meaning that you justify such thing… .

That does not heal the wound which you made deeper into my heart , but I did my best to forget about it…
Anyway , we had some nice and unforgetable times earlier in 2006 , and later in the end of 2011 and until the end of 2012 when you suddenly changed and I found that its better to stay away , I was trying to be sure that you are alive by asking Michael about you when I talk to him , but in the end we stopped talking and that was your desire not my choice…
I just want to be clear about everything , earlier in 2006 I remember I told myself that I will not mind whatever you did to me , and I will forgive you whatever happened and that have not changed anytime , and will not change… I love you , I said it and I meant it , I dont care that you misunderstood me or even treated me badly because of some images about me you created in your mind… I didnt expect something back from you and I didnt thought before about being closer to you , when you wrote to me in 2006 saying :" you are my best friend ya kareem…. " it was an epic moment , and at this time I was just caring about keeping myself in this position without any ambitions of getting closer , but after I went out of jail I found you changed totally… .
I know that you have been through such bad times with bad people , but I don't think that is good excuse ( you dont need any excuses here by the way as I mentioned earlier )… .
But… ..
Rest in peace my "2006 Best friend" , I love you ..