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The Inspirational dreams of Malala and King (School task)

Freedom fighters and those who sacrificed their lives, freedom and safety in order to tackle all sorts of injustice and cruelty around the world are not just those historical or fictional figure who are presented in books fairy tales or movies, there are also many people living in the current world who took strong actions against many things they thought it shouldn’t be there in a world that supposed to be a better place for all its inhabitants.
Not all of those people who are fighting for freedom nowadays are well known or recognized as Media can’t cover everything, but one of the most well recognized examples that has been mentioned all over the news and her face became almost familiar for everyone is the Pakistani young girl Malala Yousafzai, the 2014 Noble Peace Prize Winner.
If Malala can be compared to another historical figure who fought for similar noble causes and put his life on the edge for what he believed in, that person can the Afro-American civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King, Jr (1929-1968) who also won Noble Peace Prize in 1964, just 50 years earlier than Malala.
Both of them took strong standings against several unjust practices which was targeting them and their people in order to change such reality and make the world a better place for everyone.
Malala on one hand, is a young woman who lived in Swat Valley under the role of Taliban, the radical Islamic movement, that tried to deprive women in the region from their right for education in order to make them obedient and ignorant (Utdanningsdirktoratet, 2013:Appendix4), and Martin Luther King on the other hand, the young African American who grew up in a country where Jim Crew Laws which were enforcing a fully racial segregation in the southern USA is taking place.(Wikipedia)
Their main motivation was personal, Malala had a dream, and her dream was represented in continuing her Education. King also had another dream, he wanted to be looked at and treated on the equal scale together with his white American peers. Such dreams led both them afterwards to think on the wider scale and include all those who are suffering the same problems into their struggle, so Malala chose to fight for the right of girls to get their education, first in Swat Valley opposing the Taliban’s planes to ban girls from such right, and then all over the world by creating “Malala fund” which helped to build schools around the world, and King among others founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) which organized a non-violent protests that supports the civil rights causes. (Wikipedia)
Both Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King in a contrast to their peaceful struggle, their lives was put on an edge. They received death threats and faced assassination attempts. In October 2012, when she was only a fifteen, a terrorist belongs to Taliban shot Malala in head while she was going back home from school. (Utdanningsdirktoratet, 2013:Appendix4)
Fifty four years earlier, at the age of twenty nine and while he was signing copies of his book Stride toward freedom in Blumstein’s department store in Harlem September 1958, a woman stabbed Martin Luther King in chest with a letter opener. Both of them were survived those assassination attempts. (Wikipedia)
Both Malala and Martin Luther King inspired Millions of people around the world and motivated them to stand strongly against the injustice and tyranny by both their stories and speeches. Her biography, I am Malala which was published in 2013 and tells the story of her struggle against radical Islamism and have been published in several languages and distributed worldwide and Malala became a role model for many young girls who follow her footprints and continued her fight for their rights equal opportunities in life.
During the 1963 march on Washington for jobs and freedom, Martin Luther King delivered his most famous speech which well known as I have a dream in front of Lincoln memorial, with strong words king inspired and still inspiring millions of people around the world to stand against all sorts of discrimination and injustice and encouraged many to move against oppression in order to change all sources of suffering. (Wikipedia)
While he was standing on a motel’s second floor balcony in Memphis, Tennessee 4th April 1968, Martin Luther king was shot in his head and died, that was a sad end for one of the most well respected freedom fighters who through his struggle manage to put an end for the racial segregation era in the USA and make it possible for the country to elect the first Afro-American president 50 years later (Wikipedia), on the other hand it’s hard to say that the efforts of Malala Yousafzai managed to achieve similar goals as the struggle in order to obtain a full equality for women in Muslim countries has still a long way ahead due to so many obstacles; religion social norms and traditions,  that complicate the situation but as the fight for this cause is continuing, the change will be accomplished step by step.
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